No matter what the type or size of woodworking operation, rotary vane compressors play an integral role in providing reliability and low cost operation that cannot be matched by traditional rotary screw or piston type compressors.

Air compressors for the woodworking industry

Virtually every type of woodworking business, including millwork operations, furniture & cabinet manufacturers, and OEMs can benefit from the reliability, simplicity and efficiency of Mattei compressed air systems.

They allow for the use of air-operated tools which are easier to use and lighter than electrically-operated tools, making them ideal in many woodworking operations.

Mattei Industries Served: Woodworking

Compressed air is also key to accurate painting and finishing of wood products.

Many of these firms have converted to rotary vane compressors attracted by their easy implementation, lower initial costs, and innate simplicity. In addition, rotary vane compressors are more tolerant of the dust created by woodworking applications versus rotary screw or scroll compressors.

Mattei’s quality compressors provide the dependability necessary to all of these applications, and the energy/cost savings that help make a business run better. They are designed to provide superior air compression while increasing efficiency and cost savings significantly. 

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