Portable Test Equipment 1Equipment for Electro-Hydraulic Brake Systems:

  • Provides direct control of car mounted friction brake electro-hydraulic unit using MTE-designed electronics simulating car controls.
  • Allows direct control of service brake valves, emergency solenoid valves and auxiliary control valves.
  • Digital display of: Supply pressure, brake caliper pressure and pressure switch condition.
  • Includes automatic and manual pump control.
  • Incorporates chart recorder output capability.
  • Powered directly from vehicle battery.
  • Includes pressure gauges and test hoses.
  • Rugged design for use in workshop environment.
  • Ambient temperature range: 15 / 115 °F (-10 / 46 °C).

Portable Test Equipment 2 Portable Test Equipment 3 Portable Test Equipment 4

Equipment for Pneumatic Systems:

  • Shows status of internal control signals.
  • Includes pressure transducer and digital display.
  • Allows manual control of air compressor and dryer.
  • Unit weighs less than 25-lb.


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