For many applications within the plastics industry, large and small manufacturers alike count on rotary vane compressors.

Air Compressors for the Plastics Industry

Many of the processes used in modern plastics manufacturing utilize automation, which requires extreme accuracy and precision in the input of process power—which can be achieved through the use of Mattei's superior rotary vane technology. 

Additionally, rotary vane compressors offer energy and cost savings, which make all the difference for this highly competitive industry.

Today, the plastics industry employs compressors throughout the manufacturing process, from tools and material handling to production/assembly lines and thecleaning of equipment and facilities.

Find an air compressor for your plastics application

The world’s plastic manufacturers rely on the savings and quality that Mattei compressors provide. They keep these companies operating optimally with less downtime for maintenance; less money spent on needless upgrading and replacements, and far greater efficiency, giving them a true competitive edge. 

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