Rotary vane compressors have proven to be the most reliable method for providing natural and methane gas compression required for many demanding and safety-intensive operations.

Air Compressors for Natural and Methane Gas

Processes such as gas transfer, methane vapor recovery and gathering, flare elimination, gas turbines—all rely on the efficiencies provided by rotary vane compressors.

Compressed air is often preferable in hazardous environments and is safe to have in contact with many materials.

It does not present the maintenance issues of hydraulic systems and removes the spark risk associated with a high-voltage electrical system.

For equipment cleaning used within the industry, compressed air is safe, reliable, and effective, extending the life of equipment while minimizing downtime.

Natural Gas Air CompressorRotary vane compressors in particular emphasize all of these features while remaining incredibly simple, inexpensive, and maintenance-friendly to implement, without sacrificing performance.

Mattei’s quality rotary vane compressors are backed by years of engineering excellence, and provide energy savings. They are as reliable as they are economical, which is why countless natural and methane gas clients count on them. 

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