The term “manufacturing industry” encompasses dozens of very separate and distinct industries, from metal stamping and CNC machining to forging, welding, assembly, and many more.

Mattei Industries Served: Manufacturing

Regardless of process or industry served, they all rely heavily on compressed air.

As with so many other cost conscious industries, operational efficiency is a key factor to profitability.

For this reason, Mattei rotary vane compressors are a mainstay with manufacturers everywhere.

Mattei Compressors for Manufacturing

Mattei’s rotary vane systems are specifically designed to provide the features and benefits that mean the most to manufacturers:

Our innovative rotary vane technology delivers efficiencies that cannot be matched by traditional scew systems.

Furthermore, our products provide energy savings along with guaranteed quality and long trouble-free service life, ensuring manufacturers of all sizes and types run at their most efficient level. 

To minimize the cost of operation, compressed air must be highly efficient, precision controlled and cost-effective, especially in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape.

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