The food and beverage industry is wide-ranging, encompassing many products, services, and processes.

Mattei Compressors for Food and Beverage Applications

In addition to providing consumers with exceptional products, these companies must also meet certain health and safety standards—in fact, they are required by law to do so.

In order to meet modernized industrial standards—both in terms of safety and efficiency—these professionals choose compressed air for their applications.

Similar to several other industries, the use of compressed air is crucial to various day-to-day operations in the food and beverage field. Countless professionals have come to rely upon Mattei’s line of rotary vane compressors to keep their businesses running at peak efficiencies.

Our rotary vane compressors provide constant, dependable service that helps these companies lower their energy use and related costs.

Moreover, the compressors these food and beverage companies need, but they supply air that is completely free of contaminants—a critical function in the handling of food and beverages.

No matter the application size, workers in the food and beverage industry need consistent compressed air that is free of oil, water, and any other contaminants.

Automated operations are vital for efficient, high-volume production needed by today’s food and beverage professionals; most automated operations are powered by air compressors.

Compressed air is also used to power diverse specialty processes, such as filling cakes and pastries, cutting and peeling produce (with air knives), and creating delicious chocolate treats.

Within the food and beverage field, compressed air is used for product handling and packaging applications.

Compressed air ensures fast, problem-free handling and conveying of materials and products of varying sizes and quantities. It is also used in the packaging process as a vacuum sealant, making sure products are safe from outside contaminants during storage and shipment.

Mattei manufactures rotary vane compressors of the highest quality, efficiency, and affordability—our products are heavily relied upon by countless food and beverage professionals today. 

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