Energy is among the most precious commodities in the world, and every day it is squandered through inefficient practices in various industries.

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Similar to their predecessors, modern engineers are faced with the challenge of reducing the amounts of energy used in industrial processes.

In order to provide the efficiency needed to reduce wasted energy and its related costs, many industrial professionals turn to compressed air solutions.

Within the vast energy industry, there are several significant applications of compressed air. Compressors are frequently used in refinery systems, oil drilling rigs, air core drilling, and mineral exploration.

Other applications of compressed air include soot blowing, turbine operation in oil, coal, sewage, waste gas and biogas plants and systems. It is also utilized as an energy source during wind generator manufacturing, and for emissions and other automatic controls.

Due to its vital need of compressed air, energy industry professionals consistently rely on Mattei’s line of rotary vane air compressors. Rotary vane compressors are ideal for adding reliability and value to any compressed air efforts; largely due to their limitless adaptability, rotary vane compressors are unmatched in the energy industry today.

The rotary vane design equates to lowered operation and maintenance costs over time. These products are ideal for heavy-duty applications—rotary vane compressors can endure the most demanding and severe operating conditions without compromising their performance.

Rotary vane compressors are so versatile that they are used as a quick replacement for electric pumps, should the need ever arise. Rotary vane compressors provide several advantages throughout the entire energy industry—that’s why professionals in this field choose Mattei time and again.

Our rotary vane compressors are specially designed and manufactured to provide long service lives and the highest efficiency levels available. With a compressed air solution from Mattei, you’re sure to solve any problem in the energy industry.

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