People turn to dry cleaners when their garments are too delicate for washing machines and dryers, emphasizing the need for precision.

Mattei Industries Served: Dry Cleaning

A single mistake in the dry cleaning process can ruin garments, which in turn leads to customer dissatisfaction and eventual loss of revenue—so there is no margin for error.

With the incorporation of compressed air, labor-intensive hand washing methods are seldom-used.

In the dry cleaning industry, there are numerous chemical applications that require the reliability and accuracy that only compressed air can provide.

Dry cleaning equipment must have the cleanest, driest air possible in order to obtain the best results. Mattei’s line of rotary vane air compressors provide air for dry cleaning equipment including high pressure cleaning guns, steam cleaners, laundry presses (such as form finishers), and various air dryers.

Heavily soiled garments might require more intensive cleaning techniques such as jet steaming, which utilizes oil-free compressed air to evaporate any trace of stringent industrial solvents.

Since dry cleaning has such an exacting methodology, professionals in this industry have come to rely heavily upon compressors.

It’s not enough to simply use compressed air, dry cleaners require accurate amounts of air on demand—that’s why they turn to rotary vane air compressors.

With these products, dry cleaners obtain reliable, specific amounts of air when they need it. The extremely quiet rotary vane compressors provide dry cleaners with a workplace suitable for concentration.

Additionally, the compact design of rotary vane compressors ensures more freedom of movement and a lower maintenance profile, which are recurring issues in smaller facilities.

The overall success of a dry cleaning company depends on high-quality, detailed work. In order to compete with other businesses, dry cleaners need precision and efficiency.

Finding a balance between cost efficiency and consistency is difficult, which is why Mattei is usually the first choice of dry cleaning professionals. With rotary vane air compressors, these businesses can focus less on their operating systems, and more on their core business.  

When it comes to the dry cleaning industry, there is no compromise—Mattei’s rotary vane compressors provide all the qualities needed to complete the job accurately.

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