Mattei pioneered the development of the rotary vane compressor in 1958. Since then, for more than 50 years, these machines have been used worldwide in nearly every industry and market.

Recent patents generated by Mattei's Research & Development Department are evidence of our drive to continually exploit our proprietary vane technology and its advantages. Benefit from the performance and efficiencies of our rotary vane compressors versus traditional rotary screw compressor systems. With a focus on both current and future compressor models, Mattei will reduce costs while delivering ever increasing efficiencies.

Unconventionally Reliable & Efficient

Continuous research and development has confirmed that the following contributes to superior vane performance:

  • Efficient: Vane compressors deliver ~90% mechanical efficiency. As speed decreases the compressor efficiency increases (straight-line energy savings).
  • Reliable: Vane compressors are designed for low speeds and long life (backed by a revolutionary 10-year warranty).
  • Durable: 100,000-hour compressor air end design (>2X the life of a rotary screw).
  • Economical: High productivity, low operating cost (energy saving kW/100 scfm design).
  • Simple: Direct drive, less moving parts (recently patented advancements).

Recently patented Mattei compressor technology meeting these ambitious goals of improved performance and efficiencies have been released in the U.S. as two superior products: Optima and Maxima.

Optima 11 kW through 200 kW: Optima Series features VSD controllers to optimize energy savings for facilities with varying levels of plant air demand. Optional integrated air dryer and condensate management system is available with integrated refrigerated air dryer, Optima offers you everything inside a quiet (<69dB(A) average) easy to install compact cabinet.

Maxima 40 HP through 200 HP: Maxima Series offers extraordinary performance and energy efficiency for systems with high levels of demand. Optional integrated air dryer, condensate management, and heat recovery system.

Vane Compressors Valuable in All Applications

Mattei Compressors are used in manufacturing, industrial, and automotive facilities. A full line of industrial air compressors, specialty compressors and systems, and refrigerated dryers and tanks are available through Mattei distributors. For inquiries about our line of rotary compressors, please complete our form and we will respond to you shortly to find the ideal Mattei rotary compressor for your specific requirements. For our Regional Parts Centers or to request more information on parts replacement contact us.

U.S. Subsidiary Conveniently Located for National Distribution

Mattei expanded internationally between 1985 and 1988, opening subsidiaries in the USA, UK and France. In 1987 the North American Assembly Plant in Baltimore, Maryland; was built to support the growth of the distributor base in the U.S. market. Mattei has over 30 authorized distributors and service centers from coast to coast including representation in Canada and Mexico. Mattei has three regional parts distribution centers throughout the country in addition to Baltimore, Maryland, our sales, manufacturing, technical support and parts warehousing. Service requests are handled promptly by our strong network of Mattei distributors. We are always interested in your comments or requests.

Mattei History

The history of Mattei is rooted in Italy. Click here to learn more about our corporate strength and unchanged commitment to the customer since 1919, when Mattei was founded and built the first air compressor.

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