Is your facility operating at a fraction of your previous manufacturing capacity? Did you know that you can increase your net profits by leasing a Mattei Air compressor? We’ve helped countless customers do just that through significantly lower electric bills. You actually pocket more profit dollars with a new Mattei air compressor after paying the monthly lease payment. Stop giving your profits to the electric company by operating an oversized air compressor. Let us help you put more money into your pocket, today. Ask us how.

Financing capital equipment is always a challenge, but in today’s economy credit is difficult and often more expensive than the low interest rates we read about. Now you can benefit with Mattei’s branded leasing program to acquire a new compressor or build an entire air system for your facility. Compressors, filters, dryers, piping and even installation can be leased for periods from 12 to 60 months. Like everywhere the better your credit the lower your costs but because our leasing partner specializes in compressed air systems, we can finance most credit levels at reasonable rates, usually much lower than you will find on at your local bank or leasing company.

We often run subsidized leasing specials to introduce new products, like a no interest 12 month lease. Mattei pays the interest for you up front while you pay 12 equal interest free payments over one year. In many cases the energy you will save with your new compressor will finance those 12 payments.

Check with your tax advisor to ask about special tax incentives for leasing equipment that were included in the Federal Stimulus Bill under Section 179. You may be able to deduct more than the normal amount and even go back and redo your taxes, if you qualify. For more information, please refer to the links below.


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