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The automotive industry has been influential to the economic growth of several countries, thanks to the production and sales of diverse types of vehicles and related services. This industry is also one of the biggest employers in the world, providing millions with jobs — many of the jobs performed are made simpler with the use of air compressors. In fact, some industry sectors, including vehicle repair facilities and auto body shops, have come to heavily rely on compressed air for various daily operations.

Auto body shops utilize compressed air for fast tire inflation and finishing services, such as painting. The compressed air is capable of vaporizing, and then propelling paint through paint guns or automated sprayers. Using this method, vehicles are given precision paint jobs in shorter amounts of time—without exposing workers to potentially hazardous materials. Additionally, most of the hand tools found in auto body shops run on compressed air. Air compressors are also very useful for handless tools; compressed air is used to power air-operated robots to assist in automated tasks, such as assembly, painting, structural repairing, and others.

In vehicle repair facilities, air compressors heighten the rapidity and reliability of plasma cutting and welding operations. Air compressors are also utilized to power tools including drills, screwdrivers, nutrunner sockets, fasteners, and sanders.

Moreover, air compressors are key components for seat beat and crash testing; the pressurized air is used to propel crash sleds in testing facilities the world over. Moreover, compressed air is widely used in vehicle brakes, various signal systems, and even rail barriers. Due to these facts, one could say that the use of compressed air helps safeguard drivers, their passengers, as well as passersby on the street.

The proprietors of auto body shops and repair facilities will notice exceptional benefits when using rotary vane compressors — these environmentally friendly compressors utilize less oil, require much less maintenance over the course of their service lives, and consume much less power. Reducing costs is vital to any company — automotive included — which is why rotary vane compressors are so ideal for many applications. The state-of-the-art design of these compressors provides the clean, efficient air needed to maintain tight budgets.

So many automotive industry professionals have already come to rely on compressed air to assist with day-to-day tasks — these operations would normally take much more time without it. 

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