Xtreme Injection Technology delivers a quantum leap in energy efficiency levels (kW/m3, kW/100 scfm) for fixed and VSD rotary air compressors

Since the 1950’s, Mattei’s proprietary rotary Vane Technology established the benchmark for building the most durable, reliable, long-lasting and energy efficient compressors known to man since the marketplace retired the large water-cooled single and double-acting reciprocating compressors that delivered some of the best Specific Power numbers the world has ever seen.

The world migrated from the big water-cooled reciprocating compressors because of cost. While they delivered incredible Specific Power numbers, they were expensive to install requiring large vibration isolated foundations and were maintenance intensive with annual valve and ring jobs.

Rotary screw technology was cheaper than the big recips, didn’t require a special foundation, didn’t require valve or ring jobs and, was faster to service in replacing filter elements and lubricant. These machines have become ubiquitous and while manufactured by a variety of manufacturers, there is very little difference in the compression process between brands.

As the rest of the world focused on packaging the proliferation of rotary screw airends, Ing. Enea Mattei, focused his attention on the clear advantages inherent in rotary Vane Technology. While both screw and vane technology share several components and processes in compressing and treating compressed air, Vane Technology is Simply Different.

T2_Xtreme Injection Technology

Mattei, if committed to manufacturing THE most energy efficient compressors money can buy. That commitment is evident as 5% of the annual revenue stream is devoted to research & development. Well, many advancements in materials and construction have kept Mattei at the leading edge of energy efficiency, we do it in an unconventional manner. Simply put, much like a fine wine, rotary vane technology starts out as one of the most energy efficient compressors in the world and, unlike rotary screw technology, rotary vane technology simply gets better with time.

That difference time makes is well documented. Intertek, a leading independent testing laboratory has analyzed the efficiency of Mattei compressors and has proven that after 500 hours of operation Mattei’s rotary vane compressors test with Specific Power values that are 3.78% better than the exact same compressor delivered at “0” hours. Continued testing shows that by 1,000 hours, a Mattei is 4.2% more energy efficient than when brand new. This is a result of the “run-in” period where the vanes are micropolished into a low friction finish due to the similarity of metals. This is not to be confused with wear which occurs when a harder material rubs against a softer material.

Well, that is all good but, it is the “small stuff” when it comes to really challenging the energy efficiency improvement mantle of present day air compressors.

Never has the rotary vane Specific Power or Isentropic Efficiency levels been more pronounced due to continued R & D in the Mattei lab.

Allow us to introduce you to “Xtreme Injection Technology.”

All rotary screw and rotary vane compressors inject bulk liquid lubricant (oil) into the compression chambers. The oil acts to seal surfaces, extract heat and improve the compression process.

Screw compressors inject the oil into the rotating helical screw rotors that they must keep “flooded” with oil to ensure proper sealing.

Mattei’s rotary vane compressors do not need to be “flooded” with oil. Vane Technology simply needs to keep the blades wet on the sides and with a leading wedge of lubricant in front of each blade as it glides along the fine oil film that prevents any metal-to-metal contact.

The architecture of the Mattei, vane compressor pump provides a much larger void volume per compression cell than you’ll every see in a screw compressor. It is in this area where Mattei’s R & D department has uncovered tremendous improvements in energy efficiency levels.

Xtreme Injection Technology, feature a series of specifically positioned oil atomization nozzles that allow us to blanket each compression cell perfectly with a rich blanket of oil fog. This process enforces superior temperature balance across the entire compression cell resulting in less wasted heat energy which automatically converts into much greater efficiency levels.