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The Best Solution for Energy Savings

367.3 through 564.3 SCFM: RVX ULTRA PERFORMANCE (UP) Series is devoted to Mattei’s commitment to being the world leader in energy savings and environmental protection. This energy saver is ideal as a base load machine and unrivaled in combination when using an energy saving RVXi Series VSD compressor as a trim machine. Together, they generate energy savings that are simply unbeatable.

Simply Superior
Engineered like no other compressor on earth. RVX_UP uses a standard IE3 efficiency class 6-pole (1,200 rpm) motor with an inverter to ramp up the motor without demand charge generating inrush current (like with wye-delta starters) and then “locks” the operating speed at just 800 (45, 55 kW) or 900 rpm (75 kW). This unleashes the incredible mechanical efficiency of Mattei’s proprietary rotary vane airends to deliver some of the lowest kW/100 CFM performance in the world. In fact, the efficiency and output of single-stage RVX_UP rivals that of two-stage rotary screw type air compressors.

Mattei’s legendary “bearingless” airends never need to be rebuilt as they do not encounter the thrust forces common in rotary screw compressors. A Mattei vane compressor uses but two (2) white metal bushes versus the six-to-nine (6-9) axial and radial bearings found in a single-stage screw. RVX ULTRA PERFORMANCE Series simplicity and durability will save you a fortune on energy over the life of the compressor, especially when compared to rotary screw air compressors.

Benefit from our sophisticated IoT 4.0 ready MAESTRO XC touchscreen controller, unparalleled efficiency and performance, quiet dependable operation and low maintenance costs. Featuring quiet (68 dB(A)) cabinet enclosures, energy saving inverter motor starting, IE3 (IE4 optional) premium efficiency TEFC motors, oversized 113°F coolers to get superior performance and incredible energy savings.

Available in 460v 3Phase/60Hz.


Leveraging the superior slow speed advantages engineered into all Mattei airends, RVX_UP boasts some to the lowest energy consumption per kW/100 CFM performance in the industry. Which rivals two-stage rotary screw air compressors with a fraction of the complexity and low cost of operation.

These compressors are designed for industrial use 24 hours a day and 12 months a year at constant pressure. Mattei compressors' running often exceeds 100,000 working hours, as evidenced by our revolutionary MYCARE 6 & 10 warranty.

RVX ULTRA PERFORMANCE Series compressors are cabinet enclosed machines that operate at <1,000 rpm and deliver sound levels as low as 68 dB (A).

Much like the connecting rods on your engine’s crankshaft, the heart of the Mattei rotor stator unit (RSU) is the rotor which is simply supported by two (2) white metal bushes that routinely deliver >100,000 hours of life. Single-stage screw type compressors use up six-to-nine (6-9) radial and thrust bearings engineered for only 50,000 hours (ASME B-10) of life.

The exclusive three-stage oil separating system guarantees a maximum oil carry-over in the air of 1-3 ppm. Moreover, the air-cooled aftercooler ensures approach temperatures of 18°F or less.

Premium efficiency totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) IE 3 electric motors are standard on RVX ULTRA PERFORMANCE Series.

This is obtained with a flexible coupling between motor and compressor, without any need for high-maintenance belts or energy robbing gears.

RVX ULTRA PERFORMANCE uses an inverter for slow soft starting without the energy provider “demand charge” penalties that are assessed from nameplate amperage exceeding inrush current.

Air cooled aftercooler with 18°F approach temperature. Moisture separator with automatic drain valve is optional on RVX ULTRA PERFORMANCE Series.

Maintenance operations only include changing the oil at predetermined intervals, cleaning or replacing the air filter and cleaning the radiator. Benefit from significant savings over the life of the machine.

The layout and design of every air system is different. Thus, Mattei operates Load/No load while offering Continuous or Automatic operation to adapt to your needs.

RVX Ultra Performance series is equipped with an exclusive state-of-the art computerized controller, Maestro XC. Maestro XC, IoT, is an Industry 4.0 ready, 10” touchscreen controller that directs, manages, and monitors system logic and communicates globally via Mattei Cloud. Programmable Start/Stop timers, Maintenance Reminders, Phase Reversal Protection– are all standard.




RVX ULTRA PERFORMANCE Series compressors with an integrated Heat Recovery System for process water heating. Recovers up to 80% of mechanical energy (equivalent to more than 70% of electricity consumption required at mains) into hot water. Maximum outlet water temperature: 65-70°C/149-158°F.

Real-time Industry 4.0 ready predictive maintenance modeling of lubricant acidity. Interfaces with Maestro XC controller programed to manage sensor output. Lubricant condition can be monitored remotely by customer or distributor via Mattei Cloud.

Mattei offers comprehensive air treatment accessories to complete your air system including: in-line coalescing filters, refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers, in-line filters, air receiver tanks, timer and demand style condensate drains, and oil/water condensate separators.

RVXi operating principle_us
1. Intake Filter
2. Airend
3. Motor
4. Solenoid Valve
5. Controller
6. Oil Receiver
7. Oil Filter
8. Air/Oil Separator
9A. Air Cooler                                                                              9B. Oil Cooler
10. Pressure Probe
11. Thermostatic Valve                                                                  12. Temperature Probe                                                              13. Cooling Fan                                                                            14. Safety Valve                                                                          15. Xtreme Injection Technology                                                16. Inverter

Air Intake (1), feeds ambient air into Airend, (2) which is powered by Motor (3). Solenoid Valve (4) is managed by Controller (5) to open and close or modulate the inlet valve to deliver ambient air into the airend. Oil Receiver (6) holds the lubricant which is fed to Oil Filter (7) via differential pressure to ensure a clean supply of oil is delivered to the Xtreme Injection Technology (15) before being atomized into the Airend (2) to maximize energy efficiency while compressing the air. The pressurized air/oil mixture exits the Airend (2) and flows into Oil receiver (6) where the compressed air is separated mechanically from the oil to flow through the Air/oil Separator (8). The compressed air exits the Air/oil Separator (8) and flows through Air Cooler (9A) before exiting the compressor at rated pressure and flow.
In operation, Controller (5) monitors Pressure Probe (10) to open and close Solenoid Valve (4) in conjunction with varying Motor (3) speed with Inverter (16) to most efficiently match air production to plant air demand. Thermostatic Valve (11) remains closed until the proper operating temperature is achieved at which point it opens and sends the heated oil to Oil Cooler (9B) for cooling.
The Controller (5) monitors Temperature Probe (12) to manage Electronic Thermostatic Valve (11) in conjunction with variable speed Cooling Fan (13) to ensure the desired operating temperature is maintained. If the air pressure gets to high, Safety Valve (14) opens to protect the system from over pressurization.