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89 THROUGH 1,251 SCFM: Optima Series leverages the superior mechanical efficiencies engineered into Mattei’s rotary vane technology to lower your operating costs, particularly when compared to typical rotary screw air compressors. Benefit from sophisticated high-efficiency performance, quiet dependable operation and low maintenance. Featuring quiet (as low as 66 dB(A)) cabinet enclosures, electronic controllers, energy saving soft-starting AC inverter drives, premium efficiency TEFC motors, air-cooled aftercoolers and optional integrated refrigerated air dryers, to deliver unbeatable performance and energy savings across the entire range of variable air demands.

Turn Up the Savings
Don’t get caught up in the hype the rotary screw air compressor folks refer to in who’s got the better “turn down” ratios for VSD type air compressors. Every airend technology has an ideal speed range for best efficiency and performance. Rotary screw airends are very sensitive to variations in speed. Turn them too fast or too slow and the efficiency drops off significantly. Whereas, Mattei’s rotary vane airends never run too fast and deliver better energy efficiencies as they slow down, which lets you turn up your savings through lower operating costs at comparable flow rates.

How Can This Be?
Simple. Mattei’s rotary vane airend technology uses very little lubricant in the compression process to deliver ~90% mechanical efficiency air production, whose efficiency does not deteriorate as it slows down in speed. Conversely, rotary screw airend technology uses a lot of fluid to compress the air and delivers much lower mechanical efficiencies. Much like blowing through a straw into a glass, the air bubbles up through the oil and flows along the “blow hole” recirculating back to the suction side due to the high differential pressures along the length of the screws. Thus, rotary screw inefficiencies become more evident as speed increases, but more so as it slows down.

For example, say you need about 30 HP worth of air for a period of time and you have a 100 HP VSD type rotary screw air compressor. The performance curve shows higher kW/100 cfm requirements as the machine slows down in essence costing you 40 HP worth of energy to gain 30 HP worth of air. On the other hand, our Optima will reach minimum speed and begin to operate load/off load saving you significant power. That’s why we say, “Don’t let the rotary screw boys throw you a curve in saving energy.”

Save Energy, Save the Environment
Mattei compressors are not only friendly to your wallet, but the environment as well. Each unit holds very little lubricant (typically less than half that of a rotary screw air compressor) which saves you a small fortune on oil changes and disposal costs. The oil filter is cleanable through most models; yes, cleanable. The highly efficient mechanical air/oil separation chamber delivers high quality air to the air/oil separator filter thus, it sees very little lubricant and provides up to 10,000 hours of service, and low 1-3 ppm oil carryover.

Available in 460v/3Ph/60Hz.


The kit includes a condensate separator and a zero loss electronic drain.

Optima was designed to offer the best performances in every operating condition. The exclusive technology of the compression unit guarantees the best volumetric performances across the range of air demand, and some of the lowest kW/100 CFM performance in the industry

The Mattei inverter system always assures the highest energy savings. When the compressed air demand is between 100% and 40%, the compressor rotational speed reaches the highest efficiency, with an energy consumption much lower than traditional inverter systems

These compressors are designed for industrial use 24 hours a day and 12 months a year at constant pressure. Mattei compressors' running often exceeds 100,000 working hours.

Optima Series compressors are cabinet enclosed machines that automatically vary the rotational speed and deliver sound levels as low as 66 dB(A).

Much like the connecting rods on your engines crankshaft, the heart of the Mattei rotor stator unit (RSU) is the rotor which is simply supported by two (2) white metal Babbitt bushings that routinely deliver >100,000 hours of life. Screw-type compressors use up to six (6) radial and thrust bearings engineered for only 50,000 hours (ASME B-10) of life.

Optima compressors are silent, and are equipped with an elastic coupling between motor and compressor, without gears, belts to be changed or adjusted, nor ball bearings to be maintained.

Premium efficiency totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) electric motors are standard on Optima Series.

The exclusive three-stage oil separating system guarantees a maximum oil carry-over in the air lower than 3 ppm. Moreover, the air cooled aftercooler ensure approach temperatures of 18°F or less.

Air cooled aftercooler with 18°F approach temperature. Moisture separator with zero loss drain valve is standard on Optima Series.

Maintenance operations only include changing the oil at predetermined intervals, cleaning or replacing the air filter and cleaning the radiator. Benefit from half the oil volume of rotary screw types, and oil separating filters that can reach 10,000 working hours, for significant savings over the life of the machine.

Should pressure continue to rise upon reaching minimum speed, Optima automatically engages Load/Off Load control to maintain line pressure within a minimum/maximum pressure range, and the compressor may stop and restart according to air demand.

Optima is equipped with an exclusive state-of-the art computerized controller, Maestro XS

Maestro XS, automatically controls, monitors and programs the unit's operation, and has an option to connect to a PC for a remote control. If connected to other compressed air packages equipped with Maestro XS, the unit can become master of a compressed air plant, thus saving on the installation of a superior controller. Maestro XS can be interfaced via web or cellular technology to provide remote service monitoring.

Mattei offers comprehensive air treatment accessories to complete your air system including: in-line coalescing filters, refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers, sterile in-line filters, air receiver tanks, timer and demand style condensate drains, and oil/water condensate separators.


Heavy-duty high efficiency air intake filter is an option for dirty, dusty environments. Removes solid particles with a filtering efficiency up to 99%.

A refrigerated dryer into cabinet. Reduces installation costs and space requirements. (Models 11 thru 90 only)

Allows communication with the protocol converter. One serial board is required for each compressor.

Plate type oil/water heat exchanger, thermostatic valve and connecting pipes mounted inside cabinet. Ideal for hot liquid process applications.

Mattei offers comprehensive air treatment accessories to complete your air system including: in-line coalescing filters, refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers, sterile in-line filters, air receiver tanks, timer and demand style condensate drains, and oil/water condensate separators.

1. Intake Filter
2. Automatic Intake Valve
3. Oil Chamber
4. Compression Chamber
5. Oil Cooler
6. Oil Filter
7. Labyrinth
8. Compressed Air
9. Rotor
10. Coalescing Filter
11. Oil Return Valve
12. Minimum Pressure Non Return Valve

Optima automatically adjusts motor speed to match air production to air demand within a range of pre-set maximum and minimum pressures while using the absolute minimum amount of input energy. Upon reaching the maximum pressure, at the minimum rotational speed the shutdown of the intake valve occurs, the compressor is set "off load" and decompressed to 22 psi, to reduce the energy absorption further. When the line pressure lowers to the minimum pre-set value it is reset to the "on load" condition and starts delivering air instantly, adapting the rotational speed to the air demand.

The air is drawn in by means of a filter and passes through a modulating proportional valve, and then enters the compression chambers or vanes that the stator, the rotor, the vanes and the covers have formed. This rotor is installed eccentrically to the stator and is equipped with longitudinal grooves in which the blades slide. It is the centrifugal force that pushes the blades against the stator's wall.
An efficient oil injection system guarantees a perfect holding among the moving parts, cooling and lubrication. An oil film on the stator's inside surface prevents the moving parts from wearing by avoiding a direct contact with the blades.
Air compression is triggered by the volume reduction of the vanes in the stator during rotation. By passing through mechanical and coalescing separation stages, the mixture of compressed air and oil is purified until the maximum oil carry-over in the air does not exceed 3 ppm (parts per million).
Finally the air is cooled in the radiator and the condensate is eliminated by a condensate drain.

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