The Best Solution for Energy Savings

243 through 1,206 SCFM: Maxima Series is Mattei’s commitment to energy savings and environmental protection. This energy saver is ideal as a base load machine and unrivaled in combination when using an energy saving Optima VSD compressor as a trim machine.  Together, they generate energy savings that are hard to beat.

Simply Superior
Engineered like all Mattei’s to operate at standard motor speeds, Maxima’s massive airends turn at just 1,200 rpm versus our usual 1,800 rpm speeds. It is the incredible mechanical efficiency of Mattei airends that leverage this reduction in speed to deliver some of the lowest kW/100 CFM performance in the industry. In fact, the efficiency and output of single-stage Maxima rivals that of two-stage rotary screw type air compressors.

However, Maxima's airend uses but two (2) Babbitt bushings versus the eight (8) roller bearings and (4) thrust bearings found in a two-stage screw, and about 1/3 of the oil. Maxima's simplicity and durability will save you a fortune on energy, and simply deliver superior value and unrivaled durability over the life of the compressor, particularly when compared to rotary screw air compressors.

Benefit from sophisticated superior efficiency performance, quiet dependable operation and low maintenance costs. Featuring quiet (as low as 65 dB(A)) cabinet enclosures, electronic controllers, energy saving soft-start wye delta motor starters, premium efficiency TEFC motors, air-cooled aftercoolers and optional integrated refrigerated air dryers, to get superior performance and energy savings.

Save Energy, Save the Environment
Mattei is friendly to your wallet and the environment, too. Each unit holds very little lubricant (typically less than half that of a rotary screw air compressor) which saves you a small fortune on oil changes and disposal costs. The highly efficient mechanical air/oil separation chamber delivers high quality air to the air/oil separator filter thus, it sees very little lubricant and provides up to 10,000 hours of service, and low 1-3 ppm oil carryover.

Available in 460v & 575v, 3Phase/60Hz.