14.8 through 65 SCFM: Mattei's BLADE Series sets a new standard for small, quiet commercial-duty air compressors. Engineered to produce lots of air while consuming up to 20% less energy than rotary screw type compressors, small air users can finally get their last air compressor first. Each BLADE combines our legendary vane technology with a dual “V” belt transmission inside a sleek powder coated cabinet at very affordable prices. 

The design and operation of BLADE compressors ensures the correct operating temperature is quickly and effectively reached to prevent condensation from forming in the system to extend operating life. Incredibly quiet (as low as 61 dB(A)), with speeds as low as 1,050 rpm (2-6X slower than screws) and operating pressures to 175 psi: The BLADE is the ideal solution for small body shops, mechanical shops, craftsmen and workshops.

Our base-mounted version allows you to use existing air receiver tanks. The tank-mounted version features the BLADE 4 - 11 Series, mounted onto an 80-gallon ASME air receiver. Includes pressure gauge, safety valve, and manual tank drain valve.

The BLADE SE Quality Air Station version includes moisture separator with intelligent drain, 1.0 micron prefilter, refrigerated air dryer sized for summer heat, all mounted and piped onto an 80-gallon horizontal ASME air tank.

The BLADE DUPLEX version features two (2) identical BLADE air compressors with moisture separator with intelligent drain, and expansion module with real time clock for automatic lead/lag operation, all mounted and piped onto an 120-gallon horizontal ASME grasshopper air tank.