34 through 328 SCFM. Mattei's AC Series sets a new standard in air compressors with sophisticated high-efficiency performance, quiet dependable operation and low maintenance. Featuring quiet (as low as 66 dB(A)) cabinet enclosures, electronic controllers, energy saving soft-start Wye-Delta motor starters, premium efficiency TEFC motors, air-cooled aftercoolers and optional integrated refrigerated air dryers, to deliver unbeatable performance and energy savings.


Featuring our most advanced airend designs, AC Series must be compared on an SCFM basis – not based on HP. Why? Our AC Series produces more SCFM per HP than typical rotary screw air compressors. So, to do a fair comparison you usually need to select the next smaller size. In fact, it is not uncommon to select a smaller HP AC Series model to meet your air demands.

For example, say you need about 130 SCFM. Mattei can offer you our traditional 30 HP ERC Series model (129 SCFM) or, we can offer you our 25 HP AC Series rated at 130 SCFM. Each produces about the same volume of air, but that 5 HP difference saves you money the moment you turn it on, month-after-month, year-after-year.

Mattei is friendly to your wallet and the environment, too. Each unit holds very little lubricant (typically less than half that of a rotary screw air compressor) which saves you a small fortune on oil changes and disposal costs. The oil filter is cleanable – yes, cleanable. The highly efficient mechanical air/oil separation chamber delivers high quality air to the air/oil separator filter thus, it sees very little lubricant and provides up to 10,000 hours of service, and low 1-3 ppm oil carryover.

Available in 200, 230, 460, 575v/3Ph/60Hz.